Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Community Profile: Alex Tatiyants and Pev

We caught up with Alex Tatiyants after finding out about his Pev project. This is an awesome web based visual explain analyzer that is similar to the awesome explain.depesz . 

Tell us a little bit (one or two paragraphs) about your project or how you use Postgres: 

I created Pev (Postgres EXPLAIN Visualizer) to scratch my own itch. EXPLAIN generates a wealth of information, but isn’t easy to make sense of. I wanted to create a tool that helps me quickly diagnose problems with queries. Apparently, other people found it useful as well.

Pev plan

Why did you chose Postgres for your project? 

Postgres is a fantastic database: performant, mature, feature rich, and of course open source. And in addition to being a first rate relational database, it has very strong document store features as well.

Have you attended a PgConf US event or do you plan to? 

I haven't had a chance to attend PgConf.

Are you interested in contributing to the community further and if so, in what fashion? 

I don’t have any concrete plans at the moment.

Any closing comments? 

Thank you for your interest.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

PGConf US Local: Ohio CFP Open and Training announced

PGConf US, in partnership with Ohio Linux Fest, is pleased to announce that the call for papers for PGConf Local: Ohio is now open.

The inaugural PGConf US Local: Ohio Conference (PGConf Ohio) will be held September 29th - 30th at the Hyatt Regency Columbus Ohio (350 North High StreetColumbus, Ohio, USA43215).

This two day, single track conference is a perfect opportunity for users, developers, business analysts, and enthusiasts from Ohio to amplify Postgres and participate in the Postgres community.

The Call for Papers for PGConf Ohio can be found here.

Call for papers will be open until Sunday, August 24th, 2017 and speakers will be notified of acceptance/decline no later than Monday, September 1st, 2017.

Conference Schedule:
  • Friday, September 29, 2017: Trainings
Mastering Postgres Administration: Bruce Momjian
Postgres Performance and Maintenance: Joshua D. Drake 
  • Saturday, September 30, 2017: Breakout Sessions (To be announced)

Registration for the
PGConf Ohio trainings is open now.

Conference speakers receive complimentary entry to the breakout sessions on September 30th. The half-day training options on September 29th are separately priced sessions. As a nonprofit event series, funding is currently not available for speaker travel and lodging accommodations.

Sponsorship Opportunities
The PGConf US Local series is supported by its generous sponsors: Diamond Sponsor Amazon Web Services and Platinum Sponsors Compose, 2ndQuadrant, and OpenSCG. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our wonderful sponsors for Ohio or National!

About PGConf US:
PGConf US is a nonprofit conference series with a focus on growing the community through increased awareness and education of Postgres. PGConf US is known for its highly attended national conference held in Jersey City, New Jersey, and has expanded to a local series for 2017.

The PGConf Local series partners with regional Postgres and open source groups to bring dynamic and engaging Postgres related content and professional training experiences to local communities. Host cities of 2017 include Philadelphia, Ohio, Seattle, Austin, and Cape Town, South Africa, with more locations to follow.


PGConf Org: Postgres South Africa CFP open and dates announced!

Join the fantastic and growing Postgres community in Cape Town, South Africa for a single day event on October 3rd, 2017! The event is being hosted by fellow Postgres advocates who travel from South Africa each year to attend our National Event in order to increase their knowledge of Postgres and be a part of the community. This year they are joining us and making a commitment to build out our International community and conferences!

This single day event takes place at the same venue as PyCon South Africa and is scheduled the day before PyCon to ensure the greatest possible value in attending.

Image result for PGConf US

Local events are designed to bring comprehensive educational content and networking opportunities to the "local" Postgres community where the event is being held. They are perfect opportunities to show support for Postgres, find leads, and build relationships with other professionals and companies using and supporting Postgres.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Rescheduled: PGConf US Local: Seattle and PGConf US Local: Austin


The Chairs of PGConf US have rescheduled the Seattle and Austin Local events. After much deliberation we believe moving the events to a weekday format later in the year will offer a better opportunity for those who wish to attend.

New dates:
  • Seattle: November 13th and 14th, 2017
  • Austin: December 4th and 5th, 2017
The CFP for Seattle is closed but Austin is still open!

People, Postgres, Data

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

PGConf Local: Seattle 2017 registration open and schedule published

The first ever PGConf US Local: Seattle event is happening in partnership with SEAPUG on August 11th and 12th at the Sheraton Downtown Seattle! On August 11th we have four training options available:
  1. Mastering PostgreSQL Administration by Bruce Momjian
  2. Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL by Jim Mlodgenski
  3. Postgres Performance and Maintenance by Joshua (JD) Drake
  4. Database Automation by Robert Bernier 

Tickets are now available!

On August 12th we have 14 break-out sessions between the Development and Operations tracks. A sample of our break-out sessions is available below but please check the full schedule for all of the fantastic content!
We would not be able to produce PGConf Local: Seattle 2017 without the generous support from our sponsors:
Sponsorship opportunities for the conference are still available. If you use Postgres, support Postgres, or if you are looking to recruit a local Postgres expert, this is a great opportunity. Become a part of our dynamic and growing ecosystem! The prospectus is available at:

Thursday, June 29, 2017

PGConf US welcomes 2ndQuadrant as a Platinum sponsor

After National 2017, the PGConf US team decided to take a long hard road to bring the best in educational content and advocacy to the entire Postgres ecosystem. Today, we welcome 2ndQuadrant as a Platinum sponsor and thank them for helping us with our year over year projects.

2ndq logo color no cross

It is sponsors like 2ndQuadrant that are allowing us to achieve our goal of having not only our National event but Philly, Seattle, and Austin all within 2017. We also have other education and advocacy initiatives that continue to develop include webinars, community profiles, and e-training. Stay tuned for more information on those!

Other PGConf US news:

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Announcing PGConf Austin 2017 -- Call for Papers now Open

PGConf US in partnership with the Austin PostgreSQL User Group (AUSPUG) is pleased to announce that the call for papers for PGConf Local: Austin is now open.

AUSTIN, June 28, 2017 -- The inaugural PGConf US Local: Austin Conference (PGConf Austin) will be held November 3 - 4, 2017, at the Norris Conference and Event Center (2525 W. Anderson Ln #365, Austin, TX 78757) located in northwest Austin.

This two day, multi track conference is a perfect opportunity for users, developers, business analysts and enthusiasts from the Southwest to amplify Postgres and participate with the Postgres community.
The Call for Papers for PGConf Austin is now open, and presentation proposals can be submitted at

The call for papers for PGConf Austin will be open until Sunday, August 20, 2017, and speakers will be notified of acceptance/decline no later than Monday, August 28, 2017. Registration for PGConf Austin will also open August 28.

Conference Schedule:
  • Friday, November 3, 2017: Half-day Trainings with Postgres experts
  • Saturday, November 4, 2017: Breakout Sessions (lunch and coffee break provided)

Conference speakers receive complimentary entry to the breakout sessions on November 4 -- the half-day trainings are separately priced sessions. As a nonprofit event series, funding is currently not available for speaker travel and lodging accommodations. Everyone is encouraged to submit a talk or training to the first PGConf supported nonprofit educational events in Texas, and join the growing PostgreSQL community.
Sponsorship Opportunities
PGConf Local series is supported by its generous sponsors, including Diamond Sponsor Amazon Web Services and Platinum Sponsors 2ndQuadrant, Compose, and OpenSCG, as well as Media Sponsor AmplifyPostgres. Business leaders and companies interested in sponsoring PGConf US nonprofit events can view the Conference Prospectus .

About PGConf US:
PGConf US is a nonprofit conference series with a focus on growing the Postgres community through increased awareness and education of Postgres. PGConf US is known for its highly attended national conference held in Jersey City, New Jersey, each year, and has expanded to a local series for 2017.

The PGConf Local series partners with local Postgres and open source groups to bring dynamic and engaging Postgres related content and professional training experience to their local communities in major metroplexes. 2017 host cities include Philadelphia, Seattle, and Austin, as well as Internationally in South Africa with more locations to follow.

Media Contact:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

PGConf Local: Philly 2017 registration open and schedule published

The third PGConf US event of the year is happening July 13 - 14th! Tickets are now available!

This year the event is at Huntsman Hall located at The Wharton School. There will be two days of awesome Postgres content. On July 13th we are pleased to offer two great training sessions by two of the most veteran members of the PostgreSQL community, Bruce Momjian and Joshua Drake. Between them they have well over 40 years of hands-on experience with PostgreSQL. 

On July 14th we have eight first-rate sessions covering everything from Postgres performance to development. Check out the full schedule here:
Sponsorship opportunities for the conference are still available. If you use Postgres, support Postgres, or if you are looking to recruit a local Postgres expert, this is a great opportunity. Become a part of our dynamic and growing ecosystem! The prospectus is available at:

We would not be able to produce PGConf Local: Philly 2017 without the generous support from our sponsors:

For more information about PGConf US please visit: PGConf US

PGConf US: People, Postgres, Data

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Top 10 Mistakes When Migrating From Oracle to PostgreSQL

PGConf US and Austin PUG organized a PGConf Mini last night. It was three presentations over the evening. We had good attendance and excellent community participation. The highlight of the evening was PGConf US Co-Chair Jim Molgendski's presentation, "Top 10 Mistakes When Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL".

We tried something new this time around. We utilized Twitter's Periscope capability to live stream his presentation. It wasn't perfect but it was our first time and we are looking forward to utilizing the platform more in the future.

Click here to watch "To Mistakes When Migrating From Oracle to PostgreSQL", and then submit a presentation to one of our upcoming conferences:

PGConf US 2017 - 2018 
  • Diamond Sponsor: Amazon Web Services
  • Platinum Sponsor: OpenSCG

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

PGConf US Local: Seattle Call for Papers

PGConf US in partnership with SeaPug is pleased to announce that the call for papers for PostgreSQL Conference US Local: Seattle is now open. 

PostgreSQL Conference US Local: Seattle is taking place August 11th and 12th 2017! Call for Papers is now open and presentations can be submitted here.

Image result for aws
National Diamond Sponsor

The call for papers will be open from May 16, 2017 until July 2, 2017. Speakers will be notified of acceptance/decline no later than July 8.

The two track, two day conference is a perfect opportunity for the Vancouver, B.C., west coast, and Rocky Mountain regions to join the PostgreSQL community and increase their knowledge.
Image result for openscg
National Platinum Sponsor

Breakdown of the Conference Layout: 

  • August 11th: Training
  • August 12th: Breakout Sessions 

All selected presenters will receive free entry to the breakout sessions (trainings are extra). There are no grants for travel and accommodations. We encourage everyone to submit a talk or training to one of our very first PostgreSQL Conference US Local events and be a part of growing the PostgreSQL community.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Announcing PGConf Mini: Austin @ Fibercove

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM @ fibercove
1700 S Lamar Blvd, Suite 338, Austin, TX

Join us for a special presentation with PostgreSQL experts who will be in town for DataLayer 2017.

Food and refreshments will be provided, so please be sure to RSVP.

Thank you to OpenSCG for sponsoring our food and soft drinks, and fibercove for hosting us! Beer sponsor TBA.
  • The event starts at: 6 pm 
  • Networking and food/drink : 6:15 pm 
  • Announcements and updates: 6:30 pm   
• "Softlayer vs RDS/AWS: A price to performance perspective" - Joshua D. Drake, Command Prompt, Inc.

• "PostgreSQL on Debian and" - Dr. Michael Meskes, CEO of credativ (

• "Top 10 Mistakes When Migrating From Oracle to PostgreSQL" -- Jim Mlodgenski, CTO of OpenSCG
About our Speakers: 

Joshua D. Drake of Command Prompt, Inc. (, is a PostgreSQL Consultant who has consulted on PostgreSQL since Postgres95. Throughout his PostgreSQL career he has performed a variety of functions within the community including releasing an O'Reilly book on PostgreSQL, as well as being part of the sysadmins and advocacy teams He ran a biannual conference series dedicated to PostgreSQL from 2007 - 2011. He is a former Director for SPI (the non-profit for Drake is also a Founder of United States PostgreSQL, as well as a co-organizer and Chair of PGConf US.

Dr. Michael Meskes is President and CEO of the credativ Group, an industry leader in free software services with offices in five countries. Its Open Source Support Centers employ leading members of a number of Open-Source projects. He has been Open-Source developer for twenty years working on different Open-Source projects among which Debian and PostgreSQL are most widely known. He also has done a lot of Open-Source related presentations on all sorts of events doing a lot of Open-Source evangelism.

Jim Mlodgenski is CTO of OpenSCG, a leading enterprise open source services company, with a central focus on PostgreSQL. He has been part of the PostgreSQL community for over a decade, as an architect and sales engineer. He is a Director for the U.S. PostgreSQL Association, as well as an organizer of the Philly PostgreSQL User Group and a Co-organizer of the NYC PostgreSQL User Group. He Is also a co-organizer of PGConf US, the largest PostgreSQL conference in the U.S.

Monday, May 8, 2017

PGConf US and PhillyPUG Announce PgConf US Local: Philly

Join the PostgreSQL community in Philadelphia on July 13th and 14th 2017 for two days of fantastic PostgreSQL content. July 13th will contain trainings and July 14th will be breakout sessions. The call for papers and sponsors is also open! When submitting papers to PGConf US events, please review the presentation guidelines.

Image result for PGConf US

PGConf US Local events are designed to bring comprehensive educational content and networking opportunities to the "local" PostgreSQL community where the event is being held. They are perfect opportunities to show support for PostgreSQL, find leads and build relationships with other professionals and companies using and support PostgreSQL.

d at Huntsman Hall at The Wharton School

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

PostgreSQL High Availability and Geographic Locality using consul by Sean Chittenden

The presentation includes an introduction and setup for consul as the means of providing highly available PostgreSQL in local and geographically disparate data centers or cloud providers. The presentations includes:

*) Introduction to consul and its architecture
*) Setup of a single consul cluster
*) Setup for a few sample database instances (OLAP and OLTP)
*) Firewall requirements
*) Integration with bind, djbdns, and dnsmasq
*) Setup geographic failover to two different data centers and cloud providers
*) Various Best Practices tips and suggestions
*) Q&A

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Community member profile: Joshua Brandt & BrandtVX

Why did you attend PgConf US?

We have been looking for high quality, experienced, professional support for our application’s database for some time. We have found it difficult to find help online… seemingly every phone number we called was just an answering service. When we heard that the companies offering the level of service we were looking for were all available in the same place, we couldn’t resist.

Tell us a little bit (one or two paragraphs) about your project:

Our project (VX and VO collectively named Victor) is a SaaS solution for 911 emergency response systems. Victor provides analytics and quality assurance tools and services, enabling agencies to assess performance, measure resource & deployment activity, model demand, optimize workload, and even generate financial estimates. For more information see our website.

Why did you chose PostgreSQL for your project?

Victor requires both time and spacial awareness, along with all the other things that are expected from an RDBMS. PostgreSQL is stable, secure, mature, well documented, open source, actively developed, community supported, and generally bad ass. The choice was easy.

As I understand it, attending PgConf US was a last minute decision. Do you think it was worth it? If so, why?

Absolutely! Our objective was to meet with vendors who were able to provide high quality support and we were successful. Additionally, we met a ton of super geniuses (Paragon, TimescaleDB, I’m talking about you) and learned more then expected. For example, we had no idea we could put raster images in PostgreSQL and process them with PostGIS… amazing!

Would you attend PgConf US again?

Yes… see above. Unrelated, but unbelievably cool, we met a guy named Solar… a PhD (from MIT!) passionate about carbon nanotubes.

Are you interested in contributing to the community and if so, in what fashion?

Yes! …and here is our biggest piece of feedback.

It would be great if there was a clear point of entry for people like us… we have been using PostgreSQL for several years, have been through several upgrade cycles (we started on 9.0) and have no idea how our skills could be of use. We make SaaS applications, but make nothing in C. What else does the community need? How can we help?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Community member profile: Darren Armani & Vertex Enterprise

Why did you attend PgConf US?

Our company is exploring the use of PostgreSQL as an additional DBMS choice to support Vertex Enterprise, our tax technology platform. Attending the conference offered me an opportunity to immerse myself into a variety of topics around PostgreSQL, as well as the chance to interact with other users to tap into their experiences.

Tell us a little bit about your project or how you use PostgreSQL:

Vertex Enterprise is a global tax management end-to-end solution that integrates all tax processes with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) systems on a single platform using a tax performance engine. The solution is a blend of technologies that surround a Java based processing and calculation engine. This includes rich UI's, import, export, business intelligence / reporting, and big data integration. The foundation of our database leverages a multi-dimensional database structure, as well as other structures whose design varies based upon the needs of a particular function so that we can optimize performance. (ie. import/export/reporting). The official brochure provides a high level overview of the capabilities and interfaces that our DBMS must support.

Why did you chose PostgreSQL for your project?

PostgreSQL checks many of the boxes that we are looking for in our consideration of an additional DBMS option.

Some of these include:

* Performance * Lower cost * Multi-tenancy support * Suitable for deployment on premise, in a hosted environment, and in the cloud * Industry acceptance * Ease of administration on locally administered instances * Features characteristic of an enterprise strength database (auditing, partitioning, replication, procedural language support)

This was your first PGConf US, was it a last minute decision? Do you think it was worth it? If so, why?

The conference was on our radar since the beginning of the year, and it exceeded expectations. Listening to and interacting with actual contributors to the product is not something you have the opportunity to do at many conferences. The sessions covered a variety of topics around PostgreSQL that were of interest (performance, tuning, feature discussion, lessons learned, cloud deployment options, optimization, etc).

Would you attend PgConf US again?

Yes, definitely.

Are you interested in contributing to the community and if so, in what fashion?

My "day job" keeps me pretty busy, but as far as sharing our experience with PostgreSQL, I am willing to contribute in that way :) .

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It's done, the PostgreSQL community rocks.

PgConf US 2017 has now completed. We had a record number of attendees, a record number of sponsors and a record number of talks. The conference rocked. It was only made possible by a team of highly talented and dedicated volunteers. Thank you to those volunteers.

As of this writing, we are no longer the largest PostgreSQL Conference in North America. We are the largest PostgreSQL Conference. mic drop

Members of the South African Community

We attribute our growth directly to our community. We believe that there is no better community than the PostgreSQL community. A welcoming, inclusive community that shares knowledge and a common goal: Make PostgreSQL the database you use. It is because of this common goal that not only does our conference succeed, but the majority of PostgreSQL events across the globe succeed as well. It is why over 60% of our attendees have been using PostgreSQL for less than 3 years. It is why sponsors such as Amazon Web Services, EnterpriseDB, OpenSCG, and 2ndQuadrant consistently support the conference. It is why a brand new community member flew last minute from Texas the night before the conference (more on this new community member later). It is why the South African community shows up, every year.

Thank you to our speakers
There are quite a few knobs that get turned to run a conference and although it is an amazing experience to be a part of, it takes an enormous amount of resources (financially and physically) to execute it in a manner that is beneficial to all parties.

We think we did a pretty good job this year. This is not a pat on the back; we have more work to do. We want speakers to have everything they need including scheduled mentor times for first time speakers. We want speaking at PgConf US to be a pleasant, fun, and growth opportunity.

Thank you to our sponsors

We want sponsors to get better visibility. This was the first time at our current location and the layout wasn't perfect. We want to have "sponsor training." The PostgreSQL community is different than many, and sponsors (especially those that are relatively new to the community) should be able to leverage the expertise of the organizers to learn how best to work within the community. This would allow them to generate the business that makes it worth it for them to continue to sponsor.

We want coffee in the morning. Yes, the Chairs felt that coffee in the morning wasn't a requirement. Yes, the Chairs failed in a glorious fashion. We listen, we learn. There will be coffee in the morning at the next PgConf National.

There is more but that will wait for another day.

tl;dr; It is with sincerest hearts that the Chairs, Organizers, and Volunteers thank the community for supporting our efforts to bring the best PostgreSQL Conference experience possible.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Community Days: BigApplePy and DockerNYC

In 2016 we started working with horizontal communities. We wanted to make sure that PgConf US was an inclusive community that advocated not only for the best database in the world but also all the external Open Source technologies that make the best database in the world the best platform in the world. 

This year we wanted to continue building a stronger community through relationships and our efforts are proving successful. We have joined forces with several horizontal communities to bring original and related content to PgConf US. The first is Big Apple Py. They are working with PgConf US to run a full track of Python content as well as a development workshop. 

The workshop is particularly interesting as it will focus on a code sprint to develop a mature and user friendly Python based conference software. I wonder if they know we already use a Ruby on Rails solution...

We also have a great workshop being presented by DockerNYC and Jesse White: Automating production ready databases in Docker
PgConf US 2017 is less than two weeks away and we continue to work with communities to bring you even more new content! Stay tuned as we expect to announce more workshops in the next few days. If you haven't purchased your tickets, today would be a good day.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Discounted hotel block ends in a week!

Attendees of PgConf.US , if you haven't gotten your hotel room booked, now is the time! Our block ends on March 6th. Point your browser over here and book that room. While you wait for your email confirmation from the Westin, you can take some time to review the following talk from PgConf US 2015, ToroDB: a new, open-source, document-oriented, JSON database, built on Postgres.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Are you ready for Next-Generation Parallel Query?

The next version of Parallel Query is set to hit in PostgreSQL v10, and you can learn all about it at PgConf.US next month!

Until then, we invite you to catch up on what Parallel Query can do now and Robert Haas's general thoughts on the feature.

Once you are done make sure and grab a ticket to the largest PostgreSQL conference in North America.

03/01/17 Edit: Embedded video so the blog doesn't appear as clickbait

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Training: Detecting performance problems and fixing them

Congratulations to Hans-Jürgen Schönig, who sold out his training: Detecting performance problems and fixing them. This marks one of the quickest training sales in PgConf US history.

Hans-Jürgen Schönig has been in professional PostgreSQL for over 16 years now and has dealt with customers around the globe. His company Cybertec Schönig & Schönig GmbH offers professional services for PostgreSQL, which includes training, 24x7 support, as well as consulting.

We at PgConf US are appreciative of all contributors willing to help us grow the largest PostgreSQL Conference in North America. It is quality content like this training that allows PostgreSQL to continue its upward growth. What a great community we have! Now might be the time to get your tickets!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Third Annual Regulated Industry Summit

Regulated Industry Summit

We just released the schedule for the Regulated Industry Summit!

The "Third Annual Regulated Industry Summit: Finance, Government, Healthcare, and PostgreSQL" is a community summit that brings together PostgreSQL contributors and enterprise developers to discuss challenges and solutions in utilizing PostgreSQL in regulated environments.

Some of the topics of the Regulated Industry Summit are:
  • Engineering cloud infrastructure for HIPAA-compliance
  • Blockchain, Distributed Security and Regulated Industries
  • Secure Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) For PostgreSQL
  • Security Enhancements in Postgres 10 

Entrance to the Regulated Industry Summit is part of conference admission, but if you are just interested in attending the Summit, you can purchase a ticket for the Regulated Industry Summit for $99.

The Largest PostgreSQL Conference in North America 

We are inching closer to March 28 - 31. This year PGConf US 2017 will feature the familiar conference format on March 29 - 31 with a mix of specialized sessions, keynotes, and the ability to connect with PostgreSQL fans at various receptions throughout the day. As with past PostgreSQL conferences, we will feature presentations from the perspective of developers, DBAs, systems administrators, business-intelligence analysts, and decisions makers.

If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, buy them before they sell out!

Get your tickets


Reach out to our sponsors for a special discount code.

For those planning to attend, don’t forget to book your room soon for the best rates as our group block is only available until March 6. We have reserved a block of rooms at the special conference rate of $236/night plus applicable taxes for attendees who make their reservations via the Westin website. You can book your room at:

PGConf US 2017 is hosted by the United States PostgreSQL Association, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) created to support PostgreSQL in the United States through user group development, conferences, educational initiatives, and fun.  

The generous support from sponsors is what makes PGConf US 2017 possible:

Diamond: Amazon Web Services
Platinum: OpenSCG, EnterpriseDB, 2ndQuadrant
Gold: Heroku, Crunchy Data, GridGain, Braintree, JetBrains, Google Cloud Platform, Select Star, Airfacts

For more information, please visit

We look forward to seeing you in March!                         

Monday, February 13, 2017

Advanced use of pg_stat_statements

The following presentation took place at PgConf US 2016. Join us in 2017 to see other excellent content like this! We have a full line up and an extra day.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

PGConf US 2017: Early Birds Soared

Our Early Bird tickets for PGConf US 2017 just closed yesterday and looking back at what happened, I'm blown away. We have been feeling the interest in the conference growing this year, but now we are seeing those feelings translate into actual attendees. This year we tripled the number of Early Bird tickets we sold over last year. The even more exciting part is of those ticket sales, 70% were to people attending PGConf US for the first time.

These early results are causing some interesting problems that we didn't think we would need to worry about this year. When we chose the Westin in Jersey City for our venue this year, we looked around and saw a huge space that could easily accommodate the size of our conference, but now after the Early Bird, we need to set a maximum number of tickets we can sell.

Another thing we are seeing is the great interest in the training classes. In years past, people would buy their ticket and them come back as the conference gets closer when they know their schedule and add a training class or two. This year, we have already sold a third of the available seats with one of the classes only having 10 seats remaining.

If you missed the Early Bird special, but are still looking for a bit of a discount on your ticket costs, reach out to one of our great sponsors. They all have discount codes that they would happily give to you. Check out the list of our sponsors at and ask one of them for a discount code.

So... If you are thinking about coming to PGConf US 2017 this year, get your tickets soon. We may just sell out.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Early bird registration ends today!

If you want to save over 100.00 USD on your ticket to PgConf.US 2017, now is the time to point your browser right here and get that ticket!

Why get an early bird ticket?

  1. Save money. Everybody loves to save money.
  2. Our early bird tickets are being purchased in record numbers this year. That means the sooner you get your ticket the more likely you are going to be able to attend.

Wait, can't I attend anyway?

Of course you can, if we don't sell out. Let's be clear folks, based on early bird ticket sales and sponsor response we are going to sell out this year. How awesome would it be to be able to be part of the only PostgreSQL conference in North America that is able to sell out its attendance?

So let's get moving and sell out those tickets. Imagine all your peers, all your peeps, all your brothers, all your sisters, all your pets and neighbors saying, "Jeez, that person is awful lucky they got to go to the most electrifying PostgreSQL Conference in North America!".

Get your tickets!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A quick thanks to all current sponsors

The team is thankful it is Thursday. We are thankful because we are one week closer to PgConf.US. We are thankful because of the overwhelming support we have received from the community. We are thankful because of the amazing list of sponsors that continue to invest in our community event. Every week we are closer to our goal and every week we are humbled by the response we have received.

We have had people asking us why our conference is successful. It is successful because of the amazing support we have from the community, the volunteers, the organizers and the sponsors. It is successful because we are the conference that brings together the entire community. We have users, developers, and advocates. We actively engage in external communities (more on that soon). We directly apply our expertise to the market with inventive conference-in-conference events such as the widely popular Regulated Industry summit. We provide best in class content from some of the best speakers in the PostgreSQL world. Lastly, and most importantly we are successful because we recognize the importance of our community.

If you are interested in sponsoring, you can pick up our prospectus here. PgConf.US is a community driven, non-profit conference specializing in bringing together the entire PostgreSQL community.

Let's take a moment and recognize the awesome sponsors that are making this event possible:

Amazon web services bxoe3ba fuvsirm

2ndq logo color no crossEdb logo full colorOpenscg logo darm4w3 1frbjse

HerokuCrunchy uwa9srnHome

Cmd logo small kudcnxcCybertec logo 2015 300x120 transOmniti 5233duoCitusdata logo 225x90Datadog um87selCredativ

Covermymeds logo

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

An investment in the future: Why PgConf.US chose OSEM for event management

When we started planning for PgConf US 2017, we knew there would have to be some changes. The conference is the fastest growing and largest PostgreSQL conference in North America. Our requirements have changed, the needs of our attendees have matured, and the overhead in running the conference is growing.

We looked at our infrastructure and the website software used to manage the conference. Like most homegrown community conferences organized by software people, we built our own and it was showing its age. It lacked a lot of essential features (namely scheduling but also others).

Like any good project we started laying down requirements:
  • Must be able to use PostgreSQL as the database
This should be obvious. If it isn't, I am not sure what else to say.
  • Preferably written in Python/Django
This was my personal bent as I am a Python advocate over other scripted languages but there was also the fact that a good deal of the .Org and .EU infrastructure is Python/Django based.
  • Must be Open Source
Again, this should be obvious.
  • Must have a developer community
There is a key difference between the developer community and the user community. It is developers that make software. We needed to make sure that the piece of software we adopted to organize PgConfUS was not developed in a silo.

This is exceedingly important when considering the long term strategic view. The more time we spend updating code, modifying code, pushing patches, agreeing on features, and dealing with all the various adventures of open source development, is more time we spend away from organizing PgConf US for the PostgreSQL community. We do not want to invent another wheel. We want to use an already well manufactured wheel. That is not to say we can't do web application development; it is to say it is not a productive use of our time. In this context, we are conference organizers and we should be focusing on producing the most electrifying PostgreSQL Conference in the PostgreSQL community today. 
  • Must have a user community
The user community is just as important as the developer community. If you have a robust developer community but no users, what is the point?
  • Must have scheduling
One of the hardest parts of running a multi-track conference is scheduling. It takes up a lot of time and coffee. It increases silver hair (I have enough, thank you) and sometimes makes the conference feel like it isn't worth the effort.
  • Must have ticketing/registration
PgConf US uses EventBrite. EventBrite is a fantastic service but it is a dependency that complicates matters. An inclusive system that allows us more flexibility and usability was key. By having integrated ticketing and registration we will be able to reduce costs to our attendees and reduce the overhead incurred by the organizers. 

With the requirements set, we started reviewing a number of open source conference platforms including:
  • Multiple versions of Pinax/Symposion
  • Software used by DjangoCon (various versions)
  • Software used by PostgresOpen and PgConf.EU
  • Indico (IETF)
  • COD (LinuxFestNW)
  • OSEM (OpenSUSE, GNOME, OwnCloud)
The first three are Django/Python based. Indico is Python/Flask, COD is Drupal, and OSEM is Ruby on Rails. It was my absolute hope that one of the first three would qualify for our requirements. They simply did not. As with many open source software projects, they did not meet the usability requirements nor appear to have a user or developer community outside of their respective conferences.

Indico is a fantastic piece of software but it is overkill for what we wanted. In an effort to give a well rounded review we also looked at COD and OSEM. COD in a similar fashion to Indico is overkill for our needs and overly complicated to manage. OSEM was referred to us by OpenSUSE.

In the end we chose OSEM because outside of the language/framework it met our requirements. That isn't to say OSEM is perfect. It isn't. We had to add some functionality and fix bugs but as a whole it provides a much better experience than any other option we reviewed, including:
  • Multiple event management and event within event management
  • Media management (integration with Vimeo/Youtube)
  • Simple sponsor management
  • Awesome scheduling (once we fixed a few bugs)
  • Track management
  • User management
  • Analytics
  • Tickets/Payments
  • Extensibility
Outside of the clear usability advantages that OSEM has, it also has a solid and responsive developer community with standard communication channels (email list, irc channel, public repo etc...). It is also in use by communities that dwarf ours in terms of users, which lends itself to stability and a continued desire to improve!

Before you ask, yes we have pushed or are pushing all of our fixes and enhancements to the OSEM community, with some already accepted (postgresql support etc...).