Team & Governance

The contributors to PgConf.US

The Chairs

The chairs are the "core" team for the PgConf.US project. All three are long time PostgreSQL.Org contributors as well as current/former Directors of United States PostgreSQL. 

  • Jonathan Katz
    • Founder of PgConf.US Conference, NYCPUG Organizer, .Org Advocacy contributor, Director PgUS
  • Jim Mlogendski
    • Founder of PgConf.US Conference, NYCPUG Organizer, PgConf.US::Local Philly Organizer, Director PgUS
  • Joshua D. Drake
    • Founder of United States PostgreSQL, Former Director PgUS, Former Director SPI, SPI-Liaison for PostgreSQL.Org, NYCPUG helper, WHATCOM PUG Organizer, PostgreSQL.Org contributor

The Organizers

  • Debbie Cerda: Community workshops, Volunteers and Registration
  • Amanda Nystrom: Sponsor Relationship Liaison, Volunteer scheduling
  • Joe Conway: RIS
  • Alam Mehboob: Local community liaison, RIS and content acquisition 


The PGConf US Conference Project is managed by a core team comprised of three long term PostgreSQL project contributors:

* Joshua D. Drake
* Jonathan S. Katz
* Jim Mlodgenski

The core team is a steering and management committee designed as an oversight board for the success of the project. Decisions by the core team are made using a simple majority vote process.

The PgConf US project also maintains a separate organizer committee comprised of many PostgreSQL contributors. The organizer committee membership is managed by the core team. The organizer committee organizes the primary conference for the project PgConf US. The three core team members are also members of this committee but do not represent a majority. Decisions by the organizer committee are made using a simple majority vote process.