Thursday, February 2, 2017

PGConf US 2017: Early Birds Soared

Our Early Bird tickets for PGConf US 2017 just closed yesterday and looking back at what happened, I'm blown away. We have been feeling the interest in the conference growing this year, but now we are seeing those feelings translate into actual attendees. This year we tripled the number of Early Bird tickets we sold over last year. The even more exciting part is of those ticket sales, 70% were to people attending PGConf US for the first time.

These early results are causing some interesting problems that we didn't think we would need to worry about this year. When we chose the Westin in Jersey City for our venue this year, we looked around and saw a huge space that could easily accommodate the size of our conference, but now after the Early Bird, we need to set a maximum number of tickets we can sell.

Another thing we are seeing is the great interest in the training classes. In years past, people would buy their ticket and them come back as the conference gets closer when they know their schedule and add a training class or two. This year, we have already sold a third of the available seats with one of the classes only having 10 seats remaining.

If you missed the Early Bird special, but are still looking for a bit of a discount on your ticket costs, reach out to one of our great sponsors. They all have discount codes that they would happily give to you. Check out the list of our sponsors at and ask one of them for a discount code.

So... If you are thinking about coming to PGConf US 2017 this year, get your tickets soon. We may just sell out.