Thursday, January 26, 2017

A quick thanks to all current sponsors

The team is thankful it is Thursday. We are thankful because we are one week closer to PgConf.US. We are thankful because of the overwhelming support we have received from the community. We are thankful because of the amazing list of sponsors that continue to invest in our community event. Every week we are closer to our goal and every week we are humbled by the response we have received.

We have had people asking us why our conference is successful. It is successful because of the amazing support we have from the community, the volunteers, the organizers and the sponsors. It is successful because we are the conference that brings together the entire community. We have users, developers, and advocates. We actively engage in external communities (more on that soon). We directly apply our expertise to the market with inventive conference-in-conference events such as the widely popular Regulated Industry summit. We provide best in class content from some of the best speakers in the PostgreSQL world. Lastly, and most importantly we are successful because we recognize the importance of our community.

If you are interested in sponsoring, you can pick up our prospectus here. PgConf.US is a community driven, non-profit conference specializing in bringing together the entire PostgreSQL community.

Let's take a moment and recognize the awesome sponsors that are making this event possible:

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